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Charlie Rose "Massive Turn-On"

Charlie Rose is the hottest girl in the office, she looks amazing in her heels and pencil skirt. You've offered to give her a lift to the works party, which means you get to stay behind after work with her. Charlie can't be bothered walking up to the third floor and asks you to wait outside while she gets changed. Unable to resist the chance of watching her get undressed, you hide behind a computer screen and watch her as she gets naked. That awesome body makes it impossible for you to ignore your hard-on as you start JERKING OFF! Charlie turns around and catches you perving on her! She can't believe what you're doing... but when she sees how big your DICK is she finds herself really turned-on wanting your SPUNK!

Charlie Rose "Massive Turn-On" written by chris average rating 3.7/5 - 3 user ratings
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  1. clifton99308-13-2016

    When is the video going to be released?

    • chris08-17-2016

      It’s online now :D – 15th Aug it was released.

  2. savan32708-15-2016

    Charlie Rose is absolutely beautiful. She is very erotic. Her eyes draw me right in.

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