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Jasmine Lau "Up Close & Personal"

You've been told time and time again about your performance at work and the expectations you are required to meet on the job, but Jasmine, your sexy boss has heard that you're still not doing exactly as you've been told which leaves her with no choice but to take matters into her own hands... Jasmine is going to see just how well you can follow straight forward instructions, by telling you to whip your DICK out and do exactly as you're told! Jasmine will be teasing your COCK but remember, only do what you're told! Let's hope this WANK lesson improves your performance around the office, you wouldn't want this treatment again would you!

Jasmine Lau "Up Close & Personal" written by chris average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings
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  1. cavaletazb04-04-2016

    It would have been nice if this was a POV Blowjob/Handjob scene wearing those fishnets would be much appreciated.

  2. cavaletazb04-05-2016

    Is there any POV videos for this girl?

    • chris04-05-2016

      There is a POV blowbang scene due on the site soon, it’s called “College Blowbang:pt1 & Pt2”

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