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Amy Rose

Vital Stats

Race: White
Age: 23 years old
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 4
Weight: 100 lbs
Sexuality: Straight
Favorite Position: Having my cute face fucked

Hi I'm Amy and I'm fairly new to modelling. I totally get turned on by knowing that you are stroking your stiff dick over my young 19-year old body. I may have an innocent face but wait until you hear the filth that comes out of my mouth! xxx

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Video Updates

Featuring Amy Rose

Amy Rose “Disciplinary Wank”

Amy Rose is caught slacking in the office and wants to make it up to you by giving your DICK a naughty tease!

Amy Rose “Bouncing Beauty”

Amy Rose bounces up and down on a space hopper while telling you to empty all the CUM from your COCK!

Amy Rose “Hard Workout”

Amy Rose sure knows how to get the blood pumping to your COCK in this naughty workout session!

Amy Rose “Hot & Steamy”

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Amy Rose “Trouble Maker”

College Girl Amy Rose is in detention again but knows how to bribe you with her body to leave early!

Amy Rose “Super Wank Girl”

Amy Rose is dressed up as Supergirl and she wants to see you JERK OFF until you cover her in CUM!

Amy Rose “Filthy Maid”

Amy Roses first job as your new cleaner is to talk the CUM out of your balls and clean up the mess!

Amy Rose “Red Light Green Light”

Amy Rose has control of your DICK. Only JERK OFF when she puts you on a green light!

Amy Rose “WANK Tennis”

Amy Rose wants to release your sexual frustration by making you WANK before the big game!
Amy Rose written by theking average rating 4.8/5 - 15 user ratings