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Vital Stats

Race: White
Age: 31 years old
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 5
Weight: 100 lbs
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Favorite Position: Gettin Ass Fucked!

You know all about me ... Thats why your here ... You naughty boy .... So just get your COCK out and start WANKING .... Come on ... What do I have to do to help you along? ;)

Mercedes written by theking average rating 4.6/5 - 86 user ratings
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Video Updates

Featuring Mercedes

Mercedes “Sisters Shower”

Watch the big boobed Mercedes take a shower! Runtime 4:25

Mercedes “Wank Instructor”

Big titted Demi Scott would like you to listen to her as she instructs you on how to have the best WANK ever!!!! ... So pants down and...

Mercedes “Nude Housemate”

Mercedes gets her MASSIVE TITS out and SHAVEN PUSSY so her housemate can WANK OFF! Runtime 7m:57s

Mercedes “Blackmailed Brother”

Mercedes has to make a sexual deal with her brother or she is going to get into big trouble!

Mercedes “Tit Wank Aunt: Part2”

After teasing her nephew Mercedes tempts him more with watching him JERK and giving him a TIT WANK!

Mercedes “Tit Wank Aunt: Part 1”

Auntie Mercedes is scrubbing the floor whilst talking to her nephew ... But all he can do is look at her TITS!

Mercedes “Wank While I Strip”

Mercedes invites you to masturbate while she strips of and shows of her lovely curves and MASSIVE TITS!

Mercedes “Red Light Green Light Game”

Mercedes (aka Demi Scott) plays this great game controlling your COCK! She tells you when to JERK!

Mercedes “WankitNow DVDs”

Mercedes teases her co-worker when she finds out he is stealing WIN DVDs and using them to JERK OFF!

Mercedes “Its Wanking Time”

Behind the scenes with Mercedes introducing all her New & Extremely rude scenes. More @ Wankbb.com

Mercedes “Escort Agency”

Mercedes puts her BIG TITS to good use when she interviews a new client for her escort agency!

Mercedes “Stockings & Suspenders”

Mercedes loves showing off and stroking her long legs! They look even better in white stockings!

Mercedes “Girls Night Out”

Mercedes just wants to go out but her brother is hanging around. What does he want?

Mercedes “Stroke It Like This”

Mercedes opens up her legs ... shows you her wet pussy and demonstrates how you should WANK IT NOW!

Mercedes “Which Bra Is Best?”

Mercedes wants your opinion on which bra fits her MASSIVE TITS best! Voice your opinions @ WankBB.com

Mercedes “Upskirt Pleasure”

You can take a look up Mercedes skirt but will she catch you watching & wanking?

Mercedes “Sucking & Licking”

Mercedes plays with her NIPPLES! As requested by "GerryCusack" on our FREE Forum @ www.WankBB.com

Mercedes “Busty Teacher”

Mercedes wants you to be quiet while your in detention ... and stop looking at her BIG TITS!

Mercedes “Bukkake Party”

Mercedes last a late arrival to her Bukkake party but he still gets to JERK OFF and cover her face in CUM!

Mercedes “Peeping Brother:Pt2”

Mercedes catches her brother JERKING OFF in his room straight after talking to him in her room!

Mercedes “Porn Star Audition”

Mercedes has the pleasure of casting a new stud for one of her porn films. Can he perform?

Mercedes “Busty Xmas Stripper”

Mercedes is this years very Busty Christmas Stripper! More at WankBB.com

Mercedes “Peeping Brother: Pt1”

Mercedes has a very weird brother! He is always watching her and trying to get a look at her massive TITS!

Mercedes “Hide & Seek”

Mercedes is looking for some of her stuff but her brother has hidden it. More screens @ WankBB.com

Mercedes “A Wet Shave”

Mercedes thinks shes home alone but her brother is watching her while she shaves her PUSSY!

Mercedes “My 1st Handjob”

Mercedes WANKS and JERKS OFF a big hard cock ... More at www.WankBB.com

Mercedes “WIN Accountant”

Mercedes comes to take a look at a new clients acounts but instead ends up doing other things!

Mercedes “Sisters Big Tits”

Mercedes is applying her make while all the time her brother is walking around her with his DICK OUT!

Mercedes “Tied & Tickled”

Mercedes hopes your JERKING OFF while you watch her get tied up and tickled untill she cant take anymore!

Mercedes “Dream Humiliation”

What more do you need than Mercedes sitting NAKED in front of you and talking extremely dirty!

Mercedes “Anal Sister”

Mercedes gets more than just advice from her brother about her problem with her BF and anal sex!

Mercedes “Bound To Be Tickled”

Mercedes wants to know if your JERKING or WANKING while she gets some naked tickle torture!

Mercedes “More Requests”

Mercedes gives you a run down on whats coming in her BRAND NEW Scenes she also wants more requests!

Mercedes “Auntie Uncut”

Mercedes teases her nephew about his circumcised dick and gets him to WANK OFF in front of her!

Mercedes “Real Friendly”

Mercedes is talking to her boyfriends mate and ends up doing something very naughty indeed!

Mercedes “Dirty Dancing”

Mercedes knows that you will be JERKING OFF while you watch her dance and strip off!

Mercedes “Chat Girl Xposed:Pt2”

Chatgirl Mercedes (Demi Scott) opens up to a caller and shows her PUSSY for the first time on WIN!

Mercedes “Chat Girl Xposed:Pt1”

Mercedes gives her caller a treat when she shows him what happens after the cameras stop rolling!

Mercedes “NEW & Exclusive”

Mercedes lets us know whats coming up ... opens her legs (No panties) and lets her bro CUM on her face!

Mercedes “Sisters Call”

Buy the panties worn by mercedes in this scene. Goto http://wankbb.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=649 for info!

Mercedes “Caught Stealing”

Mercedes gets caught stealing by her brother and has to someway think of a way to get out of it or he will tell!

Mercedes “Sperm Bank”

Mercedes has loads of guys through her clinic everyday but this time she has to help with the donation!

Mercedes “Sibling Rivalry”

Mercedes and her brother enjoy a game of table tennis which ends up in in one of them stripping off!

Mercedes “Sisters Handy Games”

Mercedes ends up playing some very naughty games with her brother! Extended description @ www.WankBB.com

Mercedes “Mobile Downblouse”

Mercedes teases you with her CLEAVAGE and invites you to WANK OFF and CUM all over her MASSIVE TITS!

Mercedes “Aunties Blowjob”

Mercedes (On purpose) catches her nephew JERKING in his room. Being a good auntie she offers him a BJ!

Mercedes “Bubbly Sister”

Mercedes is taking a bath while her brother needs to use the toilet ...... Or thats what she thinks??

Mercedes “Sisters Private Webcam”

Mercedes has to explain to her brother what she has been looking at on the family laptop!

Mercedes “Sisters Shower BJ”

Mercedes gives her brother a blowjob after she catches him watching her! More previews @WankBB.com

Mercedes “Personal Pervert”

Mercedes loves having a personal trainer and also loves him ooking at her BIG TITS all the time!

Mercedes “Sisters Helping Hand”

Mercedes makes a deal with her brother in exchange for a handjob! More on our fourm www.WankBB.com

Mercedes “Butterfly Wanker”

Watch Mercedes as she pumps iron working her BIG TITS. See the forum www.WankBB.com for extended info!

Mercedes “Treadmill TITS”

Mercedes is working out but her brother is constantly looking at her bouncing TITS! He then gets a treat!

Mercedes “Trampoline TITS”

Mercedes has a quick go on the trampoline and realises her BIG TITS are just too much to stay in her top!

Mercedes “WANK Before Home”

Mercedes gets out her MASSIVE TITS and treats you to a 3 Minute Wank Challenge before home!

Mercedes “Hardcore Shoot: Chapter 2”

We get Mercedes in again to try to get her to do a hard scene. She seems willing but how close do we get?

Mercedes “Beer Garden WANK!”

Mercedes has to strip off in the beer garden and watch her brother JERK OFF if she is to get a drink off him!

Mercedes “Pool Forfeit”

As you probably guessed .. Mercedes loses at pool and has to do a forfeit in a pub while people are walking past!

Mercedes “Business Expenses”

Mercedes wants an extra 100 if she is going to let you WANK OFF over her MASSIVE 32GG TITS! ..Is it worth it?

Mercedes “Hardcore Shoot: Chapter 1”

We have been trying to get Mercedes to shoot a Hardcore scene for a while ... Did we get her to do one?

Mercedes “Sisters Handjob”

Mercedes wants a shower but her brother is using it .. As she waits she cant help but notice he has a hard on!

Mercedes *BONUS* Downblouse & Cleavage

Downblouse and cleavage views of Mercedes massive tits! Voyeur POV

Mercedes “Pull Your Xmas Cracker”

Mercedes welcomes you to a Christmas Day WANK ... She wants to help you pull your Xmas Cracker!

Mercedes “Webcam Wank”

Try and get Mercedes to strip on webcam and she will watch you while you WANK OFF over her BIG TITS!

Mercedes “CUMMING In The Bath?”

Behind the scenes with Mercedes (Self Shot) .. She wants to give the WankitNow members a special treat!

Mercedes “Sisters CUM Shower”

Mercedes just wants to have a shower in peace but her brother has other ideas .. Runtime 10m:43s

Mercedes “CUM On ……… Sister”

Mercedes gives her brother a VERY nice surprise when she lets him SPUNK over her TITS! Runtime 9m:46s

Mercedes “Behind The Scenes Jerk Off”

This is self shot clip where Mercedes talks about you Wanking Jerking & Jacking Off ... Just A Great Clip!

Mercedes “Have You Got A Tiny Cock?”

If you love a Penis Humiliation Clip then Mercedes will laugh about the size of your TINY DICK! Runtime 4m:19s

Mercedes “Downblouse Jerk”

Mercedes will eventually catch you looking down her top at her BIG TITS! What will she say? Runtime 3m:11s

Mercedes “A Spotless Penthouse”

Mercedes wants to know if she can clean anything else .. She thinks she knows what ..Your COCK? 11m:24s

Mercedes “Vacation Deal”

Mercedes will let you JERK your DICK over her Massive TITS if you take her away on Vacation! Runtime 10m:43s

Mercedes “Magazine Spread”

Mercedes thinks its ok to sit around topless ... "Have you not seen a pair of tits b4?" She Asks! Runtime:10m:53s

Mercedes “A Game Sister”

Mercedes lets her brother masturbate over her BIG TITS so she can stay on the XBox! Runtime:10m:17s

Mercedes “I Want To See Your Big Cock”

Mercedes wants to see your BIG COCK ... But what she really wants is to see you JERK IT OFF! Runtime 5m:02s

Mercedes “The Big Ride”

Mercedes thinks she is going to the funfair but her boyfriend has other ideas about a ride! Runtime 4m:47s

Mercedes “Sisters Deal”

Mercedes makes a deal with her brother but it involves her watching him WANK OFF! Runtime: 8m:00s

Mercedes “Photoshoot Extras”

Mercedes has more to do than just pose .. She has to do NUDE WANK OFF Instruction too! Runtime 9m:33s

Mercedes “The Best Sister … EVER!”

Mercedes catches her brother watching her so she makes him show her his COCK! Runtime:12m:21s

Mercedes “Need A Lift Wanking?”

Do you need help WANKING or JERKING your COCK! .. Well Mercedes will give you a lift! Runtime 7m:51s

Mercedes “Bossy Sister”

Mercedes just wants to see "A lad have a WANK" and its her brother that will do it! Runtime 5m:00s

Mercedes “Restroom Jerk”

Mercedes brother refuses to let her use the bathroom so she gets him to JERK OFF instead! Runtime 5m:19s

Mercedes “Caught Watching Porn”

Mercedes gets her boyfriend to JERK OFF after catching him watching porn on her laptop! Runtime 5m:43s

Mercedes “Broken Laptop”

Mercedes needs her laptop fixing but has no money .. What else can she do to pay? Runtime 7m:52s

Mercedes “Jerk Off For Me”

Mercedes knows what you do so she wants you to take out your COCK and Jerk It! Runtime 3m:41s

Mercedes “Erection Correction”

Mercedes takes a look at a penis to see if she can cure the erection problem! Runtime 7m:21s

Mercedes “PC Voyeur”

Take a look at the SEXY Mercedes as she strips out of her Police Uniform! Runtime 5m:35s

Mercedes “Study Wank”

Mercedes just wants to finish off her work but her boyfriend has other ideas! Runtime 8m:41s

Mercedes “Store Assistant”

Mercedes has to do more than she expected to get this job! Runtime 8m:33s

Mercedes “PA Tease”

Mercedes has to do more than just take notes ... She has to strip to get her "BIG" Bonus! Runtime 9m:02s

Mercedes “Working From Home”

Mercedes is trying to work but her "Other Half" is wanting something completely different! Runtime 11m:57s

Mercedes “Watching Sister Bathing”

Mercedes brother is spying on her as she takes a bath, he cant help but go in for a better look! Runtime 4m:46s

Mercedes “Strip Poker”

Mercedes says she never loses. Unfortunately for her she does and its time to STRIP OFF! Runtime 6m:19s

Mercedes “The Cab Ride”

Mercedes thinks she should be in bed now after a night out but how wrong can she be???? Runtime 5m:53s

Mercedes “Bath Bound”

Mercedes MUST make her captor CUM before the water rises above her head .. Does she succeeds? Runtime 7m:39s

Mercedes “Hot Sister”

Mercedes catches her brother watching her and to his suprise she makes him JERK OFF! Runtime 8m:19s

Mercedes “Police Officer Cock”

Officer Cock "Mercedes" has been called to a hotel room to investigate the size of a PENIS! Runtime: 8m:25s

Mercedes “Sisters Panties”

Mercedes catches her brother going through her panty drawer and makes him ... ? Runtime: 7m:29s

Mercedes “Miss Massage”

Mercedes is great as making you relax .. Just dont get too excited while she does it! Runtime: 8m:13s

Mercedes “Another 3MWC”

Just another Jerking / Wanking Challenge from the Big Boobed Mercedes! Runtime: 5m:03s

Mercedes “Brother Caught Wanking”

Mercedes catches her brother WANKING OFF in her room over her panties! Runtime: 6:48

Mercedes “Horny Maid”

Watch Mercedes clean and she wants you to WANK while she does it! Runtime 8:09

Mercedes “Bed Tied”

Mercedes will have to make you CUM if she is to be let free! Runtime:5:50

Mercedes “3 Minute Wank Challenge”

Can Mercedes make you CUM in 3 Minutes or less? Runtime 3:30

Photo Sets

Featuring Mercedes

"Personal Pervert"

Imageset from upcoming clip from Mercedes - More @ www.WankBB.com

"Garden Nudist"

Demi shows off in her garden - Ultra Hi-Res Set!

"Real Short Skirt"

Another Ultra Hi-Res Image Set from the BUSTY Mercedes!

"Slutty Dress"

Ultra Hi-Res Image Set from the Gorgeous Mercedes!

"Xmas Lingerie"

Mercedes stripping to nude - 5000x3333 Pixel Image Set!

"Nude In Pink"

Mercedes nude ... just for you! 5000Px/20Mp/ZIP!

"London T-Shirt"

More lovely nudity from the busty Mercedes! 5000 Pixel Images!

"Lovely in Leather"

Mercedes strips off yet again! 5000Px/20Mp/ZIP!

"CUM On ….. Sister"

Mercedes 1st Cum Scene - Hi-DEF 720p Clip available Nov 2010!

"Your BIG COCK!"

Screens from Bonus Hi-Def 720p Clip Available Soon!

"OfficeMax Nude"

Mercedes strips out of her office outfit! 5000Px/20Mp/ZIP!

"Big Tits In The Bedroom"

Mercedes showing her Boobs in the bedroom! 5000Px/20Mp/ZIP!

"Funky in the Bedroom"

Mercedes looking funky in the bedroom! 5000Px/20Mp/ZipSet!

"The Cheerleader"

Mercedes lets you see whats hidden underneath her cheerleader outfit!

"Naked In The Bedroom"

Mercedes strips out of her secretary outfit! 5000Px/20Mp/ZipSet Download!

"Black Robe"

Hi-Res set from the clip "Another 3MWC" 5000Px/20Mp/ZIP Set!


Mercedes not leaving much to the imagination! 5000px/20Mp/ZIP!


Mercedes shows you whats underneath her PJs! 5000Px/20Mp Images/ZIP

"Computer Store"

Hi-Res Image Set taken from "Broken Laptop" Clip!

"SchoolGirl Tease"

Mercedes strips out of her uniform! 5000Px/20Mp Images/Zip

"Window Tease"

Take a look at Mercedes undressing in the window! 5000Pixel Zip Set

Mercedes Conservatory

Nude Photoset

Mercedes Blue Duster

Nude Photoset

Mercedes Pink Dress

Pink Dress Photoset

Mercedes Window

Window Photoset

Mercedes Black Robe

Bedroom Photoset
Mercedes written by theking average rating 4.6/5 - 86 user ratings